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Thanks for taking the time to visit with me on this site. I have always loved great quotes. Over the last 25 years I have witnessed the absolute power quotes have on people's lives and it is remarkable. Over the last ten years we have published 4 different quote books and I have had the pleasure of selling and giving away thousands of these little passport-sized gift books. Recently I have put together my favourite quotes, and the most powerful ones into a new 32 page book so that you, too, may receive the same incredible feeling of joy when giving them out. In addition to the mental wellness benefits there are three very special things about this book: 1) It has a dedication page so you can sign it to others if you wish. 2) It has a simple yet powerful section on goal setting so that the reader can get excited about doing things they love. 3) It has a challenge to the reader asking them to think of a way to make the world a better place, and set that plan into motion. This third part is so powerful because it's the people who have brilliant answers and ideas. And when you ask enough people to help solve a problem... it will get solved. 


Duane Morse

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We are proudly supporting The Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary, with every book purchased.

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As a limited time offer: Free shipping plus Free signed copy with each order. Please e-mail me direct if you wish to purchase an amount of books that is not available at check out, or maybe you just have questions about custom covers. I will be glad to talk with you and help out.

Great places to give away quote books:


Your local High School, College, and University.

These gift books can become a treasure for many students, and a lifeline for others. Just imagine every student receiving a free quote book. The positive impact is beyond measure.

For your clients.

The quote books can be customized with your company logo and message on the back cover, also they can have each of your clients name's separately printed on each book. That's a great gift to say thank you for being a customer. A corporate gift to be treasured. 

For potential customers.

I know a top producing realtor in Calgary who takes these little books (with his info on the back cover) and he goes door to door and hands them out like business cards. Very effective because people keep them as gifts and refer to the books in a positive way.

Food Banks, Women's shelters, Addiction and recovery centres.

We have given away more than 15,000 quote books so far for free. Most recently donating books to the Calgary Food Bank for them to have available for free to the people needing food. That is a great feeling. The other thing that is really great to do, is place a five dollar bill inside one of these little books and give it to someone asking for money on the street. This feeling cannot be beat because it's a chance to make a positive difference that can last. 

I invite you to join me so that together we can be part of the solution.

With your help we can continue to make a positive difference. I firmly believe if we do not do something for mental wellness then we all pay the price. Just turn on the news at any given time to see this devastating evidence. The good news is that we can do something great and far reaching. One person at a time. That's all it takes. Thank you.

Twitter Praise

Everyday for 8 years I have had the privilege of posting quotes for the very best Twitter family.

Your quotes are of real value Duane. I may not post a reply quite often but I am grateful all the same. Thanks Duane, you've really been a source of inspiration and strength through the quotes you share. I appreciate your quotes and thank God for using you to boost my understanding of life including those of numerous others. Wishing you more wisdom and energy.  Thank you for all the past/ future quotes.  Thank you so much and keep inspiring. Thanks for @ilovequotebooks sharing these quotes. They are inspirational. I thank you Duane for your post have inspired, motivated, encouraged and uplifted my spirit. I am delighted to be part of this family too. You do not know how much your quotes inspire me especially in times of need. It's like a friend talking to me so thankyou x. I really did need to read that today! Had to retweet, as this is beautiful - thanks Duane 👍


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